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Welcome to LowTeck. I've been bored with building code lately and wanted to reach out and touch someone - preferably with a baseball bat, but I suppose the internet will have to do. This blog/experimental art project/screaming into the void is my outlet to share all the cool stuff I find out there in the wide wide world of interconnected refuse, which no one pays any attention to because...well reasons. Most people suck most of the time, so I hope you aren't one. And if you are, well, sucks to be you I guess.

Searching for 'screaming into the void' has led me to this picture and apparently an article by a UC Davis person about hints on where to release that existential dread

take this, it'll save your life

There is a whole lot of garbage out there, but to get us started out on the same page I wanted to share some links of stuff I thought was cool. I'll give you a 11, a programmer's dozen, a rockstar's 10, and some arbitrary number because it's bigger than too few and more than enough. So let's go.
  • yerkaland
    This guys stuff is crazy. He's Norwegian or Swedish or something, comes from one of those places that's very cold and they eat a lot of salted fish and write novels about sadness, and he makes these truly wild acrylic paintings. Of all the art I've ever seen I think his is my favorite.
  • Cyberpunk 2077
    Oh man, this game looks really exciting. It's coming out by the same guys who made the witcher and they've released that play-through video several months before the release, so the hype train is strong with this one. Still tho, I grew up on William Gibson and Neal Stephenson and an open world cyber punk game just looks like the coolest thing on the planet.
  • Pod Save America
    These guys are fun. Not sure what more to add although they help make learning about the inevitable and coming fall of the US democratic system less a seething pile of psychotic misery. Plus Jon Lovett is pretty humorous.
    This is a hue, saturation, lightness color picker optimized for how humans see which colors are lighter or darker (as opposed to the actual physics). If you're a web designer and you care deeply about colors stop using anything else.
  • Hacker News
    If you know you don't have to be told. If you have to be told, you can't know.
  • How Did This Get Made?
    I love these guys. They sit around and rip apart terrible movies line by line. My favorite podcast, my only regret is they only release every two weeks
  • Meta Critic
    Want to watch a movie and don't know if it'll be terrible? Don't trust the critics? These guys take every movie/game/etc review and average them. Science to the rescue.
  • 538
    Statistician Nate Silver breaks down the politics by polling district and gets weird with the math. You should also check out the approval/disapproval tracker for Donald Trump as it's really beautiful and a joy of frontend engineering.
  • Conway's Game of Life
    A fun game of Conway's Game of Life in Javascript. Fun!
  • Atlas Obscura
    Ah, these guys. I love these guys. Atlas Obscura finds the weird parts of the world and writes little articles about them. I have the distinct privilege of actually liking them before they were cool. Do yourself a favor and search for your home town, it'll make life more interesting.
  • B-OK
    Need a book? Don't have a book (or money)? Never fear the internet is here (with free books).

That's a yerka painting. Seriously this guy is really awesome.